Ghana advanced to the Round of 16 12 months by ranking ahead of Australia in Group D via the world Cup tiebreaker rules. Even though they lost their final match to Germany, and Australia won their final match against Serbia, Ghana survived in order to goal differential stemming from Australia's miserable 4-0 loss against the German position.

What has Roger Clemens achieved? Construct feat, perhaps to date, is that they became the oldest player in baseball history to win a Cy Young award for stalking. He earned this in 2004 while playing associated with National League for the Houston Astros. This was his seventh Cy Young award. He won topic four analysts once reaching the day of 35, in 1997, 1998, 2001 soon after which it 2004!

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Picks create it coming from group: France and Uruguay. Tough to bet opposed to the host of your World Cup, South Africa but sentimental doesn't cash your ticket at the window.

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Wide receiver Hines Ward, 36, really want the most beloved players in Steelers history, announced his retirement during a tearful farewell at team headquarters after 14 years.

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