What is Background Removal?
Background image removal service is a process helps to erase the unwanted items from a image, remove the background and replace it with some exciting dramatic background like black, white or any solid color.
Why to use image removing service?
Internet makes the life easier for the people all around the world. Traditional buy and sell process ends up long before. People focus more on e-commerce then buying from physical markets. The companies involved in e-commerce face a great difficulty if the quality of the product image is not good enough that can attract a good customer.
Background image removing service is the process by which the original background of an image is removed at the same time new background is added. Graphics designers are an expert on it.
Background removal is an image manipulation technique, used to erase the unwanted background from the image especially when you’re doing marketing for your product in an e-commerce site.
Remove background from the image helps to look it more attractive and gain customers attention. PhotoTrims could help you as a helping hand in this matter by offering you the best image background removal service. We can edit your images means image cut out in a short time with full proficiency. Our clients stay with us because we care and charge reasonable price. Our editing service helps to turn a lifeless background to an exciting one! So what you are waiting for leave the task to our professionals.
For removing background image usually use several tools available in Adobe Photoshop such as background eraser, Lasso tool, channel mask tool, pen tool etc
Uses of these tools for Remove Image Background services:
• Eraser Tool ( remove image background)
• Channel Mask , pen tool (remove background of a image)
• Color Path or Multiple Clipping Paths (remove image background).
Why it’s Important?
 Give an ordinary image to a professional look
 Removing/Correcting Unwanted Background
 to make the image more Beautiful and Relevant
 Optimizing Picture(specific requirement)
 Enhancing the Quality of image
 Make a Picture More Meaningful
 Assure High-Quality Product image in website
Suitable for:
 E-commerce Site
 Professional Photographers
 Photograph Event
 Print Press Magazine
 Event Management Companies
 Isolate Products
 Image Editing Agency
Free Trial and Place an Order:
You can test our capacity by clicking on the Free Trial button or cheek our work samples. Depends on the number of images and complexity of task price is set between $0.40 to $5 including the discount services In the case of bulk images. Don’t worry about the duration of time, work quantity and complexity level our professional and experienced image editor experts will ensure it in the professional way. So what you are waiting for just let us know your requirements and just relax or focus on other works considers it’s done. For your assurance let us tell you we use Photoshop Pen Tool and not automated tools like Magic Wand to ensure the best image quality and we are capable for handing both simple and complex images.