We grew up in New The uk, the home of ‘plain cooking’, where corn on the cob is served as is which has a slab of butter and a sprinkle of salt in addition to pepper. We boil salted meats with vegetables and give us a call at it - well, some sort of boiled dinner. Our clam chowder is white, all of our baked beans have cash and molasses in them, without one in the world has actually invented a food that was enhanced by the addition of curry. By the time I was eighteen, I could boil a lobster, heavy steam clams and grill the pork chop to excellence. Then I moved to Las vegas, picked up a roommate coming from North Carolina - and uncovered a whole new world of along home country cooking chivalry.

To an All-American Italian lady from Boston, the food selection in restaurants were in a very foreign language. Chicken-fried steak, grits, corn pone pudding, strawberry rhubarb pie - nice potato pie?? In my mind, poultry and steak were two different meats, grits is actually what’s on sandpaper, hammer toe is a vegetable - and exactly in the world is sweet spud doing in a crust? But I became a intense convert to Southern cooking the 1st time my roommate made up any pan of the sweetest, tastiest, most perfectly melt-in-your-mouth yummy Southern baking powder toast and topped them with lean beef gravy. From that day about, I was Sue’s disciple, standing up at her elbow as she diced scallions to generate up a mess of pinto beans, stirred the dairy into a pan of drippings for milk gravy in addition to rolled thin steak strip in chicken batter to generate chicken-fried steak.

Down property southern cooking is no distinct from New England plain cooking food - at least at its simplest level. Like any other comarcal style of cooking, it makes reliance on the ingredients that are plentiful in addition to cheap. In New Britain we gussy up the dried beans with brown-sugar and molasses, and serve them with thick, sweet large brown bread dotted together with raisins - perfect service for cold winter days. In North Carolina, they simmer for hours with salt pork and onions and offered with scallions for scooping and a side of flaky biscuits cut out of bread with a juice glass. Saline, spicy and flaky-good at the same time, it’s a down home meal that makes my mouth normal water just to remember.

Some dishes just don’t translate, though. There is no New England alternative to a Southern barbecue sub - shredded pork simmered with spices for hours along with ladled over buns within a ‘sandwich’ that really requires a hand. The ubiquitous ‘sloppy joe’ just doesn’t cut the idea. It lacks the spicy-sweet tang and buttery texture of real slow-simmered pork barbecue. Nor is there anything that compares with chicken fried steak - a meal that can’t be described in words without selling the idea short. If you’ve experienced it, you KNOW how good it is. If you haven’t, the idea of dredging and dipping strips of beef and frying that like chicken just will not do it justice.

My Brand new England Italian roots present wherever I go. Lasagna will always be a favorite meal, along with New England boiled cuisine still make my mouth water. But I know, heavy in my soul, that when We go to Heaven, the diners will serve flaky Lower biscuits with sausage gravy and chicken fried beef. Some temptations even the angels can’t resist.

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