Set up PS3 came out with a bit of a slow-moving start in 2007 don’t permit that fool you… the PS3 is just gearing up for a great year with some predicted hot releases. Here’s any rundown of three video game titles coming out in ’08.. EA’s NFL Tour, Free Radical Design’s HAZE, and Konami’s Coded Arms Assault.


Coming from EA Sport’s BIG division is what can be viewed a bit of a spin-off of their hit series NFL Street. They’ve gotten rid of the streets and beaches in favor of bigger spectacle arenas. No more using barrels and street part walls, you’re playing in front of huge crowds with pyrotechnics and the whole 9 gardens. There are some advancements in gameplay as well - if a participant initiates contact you are given a way to break through the tackle, getaway up the receiver or give your hit a little extra “umph”. Avenue players will see the well known “Gamebreaker” power-ups, and much from the game is left untouched otherwise but an upgrade within the look of the graphics. That game is expected to decrease on January 8th so get ready for it!


Actively playing as a recruit of a company army owned by a large supposedly peace-keeping organization Mantel you are expected to play this kind of game through atleast twofold. Why twice? Well after on both sides obviously, this is due to playing on Mantel’s side your realize that you together with your fellow soliders are arbitrarily pumped up with a substance called Nectar, but this may lead to some unexpected consequences. One other time through you make side of the rebels anyone so viciously were combating. With some great looking graphics and AI that apparently will not feel useless… this treasure is being released stateside Thinking about receiving 18th.

Konami released a game on the PSP early inside system’s lifetime by the brands of Coded Arms and after receiving success with the name they’ve gone ahead and made another in the series for that PS3. Like HAZE, Coded Arms Assault is a futuristic FPS with you playing a solider. Apparently your personality is a young hacker who gained access into a technique they shouldn’t have been in and is particularly placed in a virtual competition. Bullets are replaced with hexagons, and enemies vaporize. Using the game running off the Unreal 3 engine expect some gorgeous looking graphics to go along with the “digitized” effects. This specific game doesn’t have an established release date yet, nevertheless just from the looks of computer you’ll hear about it while it’s released.

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