Virtually all students today are using the PC for homework along with research (according to JupiterResearch, U. S. Online Young Media Consumer Survey, 2005). But even with an abundance of facts and technology at their disposal, it may be difficult for students to find the resources they need for their specific projects. In an independent survey not too long ago commissioned by Microsoft Corp., teachers (71 percent) and parents (56 percent) agree that students don’t always find the homework help they need over the internet.

Seeking A Solution

To The Challenge

Like many teenagers, eighth-grader Jason Orchant is stuck to his computer. But they wasn’t always sure best places to access the right assistance with regard to his homework assignments. He was often overwhelmed by the amount of information and resources he / she found on the Web. He also wasted a lot of time deciphering which will tools were credible, which information was relevant in addition to which resources were useful to his specific needs as a middle-school student. Jason’s daddy, Marc, noticed this frustration. He knew the computer helped his son with utilizing study but wondered if the practice could be easier for Jer. Marc discovered Microsoft Pupil, a software package full of applications to help kids complete their homework. Marc thought clearly able to help his youngster with his homework woes by providing trusted, relevant content along with streamlining the resources at his or her disposal.

The Grades Are In

After a semester of making use of Microsoft Student for their homework, Jason found he was able to complete his assignments more efficiently and with less stress. The Graphing Calculator, Information Maker and Online Mathematics Homework Help offered the pup assistance with his difficult numbers assignments. The Encarta encyclopedia made it easy to conduct research and compile credible info for a history project with Rhode Island. Jason likewise loved the student-based layouts and tutorials for Microsoft company Office Word, Excel in addition to PowerPoint.

There’s no doubt in which technology can help students be successful academically. In fact , nearly 9 out of 10 teachers believe students who use technological innovation do better on their homework, depending on the independent survey commissioned by Microsoft. Rather than being left to the wilds of the Internet, students can use the tools open to get more out of the computer for their assignments.

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