Looking to buy good fiction book to study? Look no further. This medical thriller will have you glued to every page as the drama unfolds and also an ER doctor should stop a biochemical headache from happening.

6 times … 6 days to stop an epidemic and convince the government that terrorists get indeed used smallpox like a weapon against us. Whenever one of the terrorists shows up within the ER with symptoms, period is of the essence to influence higher ups and the government that indeed this is the terrifying once thought eradicated sickness smallpox. If not for the fast action and prior healthcare expertise of the main personality, Dr . Max Kroose, fatalities could be in the millions.

The things that make the book even more intriguing is that the events unfolding in the ER symbolize real situations that occur in emergency rooms daily. The author, Dr . Paulo J. Reyes, is a rehearsing Emergency Room Doctor and Very first Responder to disasters throughout Los Angeles, California with a healthcare career spanning 25 years. The medical expertise helped to manufacture a medical environment that health care personnel, fans of medical TV dramas, as well as all of science fiction fans will cherish. Added to that, the characters are well developed and passionate in their quest for answers. Although the book is fictional, it is very based on extensive research and also leaves you questioning-could this happen today?

With today’s ongoing terrorists’ threats, the growing concern of a biochemical attack, and the fear of a universal pandemic, this book helps guide you situations like this would be dealt with. Would the government be prepared? Can we have enough vaccinations for everyone? Really should we have voluntary vaccinations now? Questions you will want answers with regard to.

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