A new scrapbook of a wedding is unique than a photo album of a wedding ceremony. I believe a photo album is to showcase the photos consumed at the wedding. I believe the scrapbook of the wedding is to share the story of the days/years leading up to the wedding and then reveal photos of the event itself.

The following suggestions are just that will, suggestions. There is no right or wrong inside creating a scrapbook. It is achieve to provide some thought entrepreneurs to creating a wedding scrapbook.

Consider starting with a few pictures of both the bride and also the groom as children. Include a few photos of them because teens and then some photos of the couple during the internet dating process.

During the planning levels, often banquet rooms usually are looked at, dresses and tuxedos are looked at, and wedding invitations are looked at. Taking a few photos of the various planning days are great additions to typically the scrapbook. If the bridal purchase will allow it, it can be exciting to take photos of the new bride in each dress the woman tries on.

When you decide on a banquet room, take a couple of photos of the room clear. Take a few photos of the building housing the festin room.

Once a menu is determined on, save a copy with the menu provided by the banquet room. One event I helped with, we actually created the menu ourselves. We wanted guests to know what was being served that night and for that reason we included our personal made menu in the scrapbooking.

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