As such, Ghana retook control through end belonging to the second half, against gassed USA players who could not be replaced. One substitution in extra time of a tied game was not enough. Ghana was fresher, much more energy, and was placement break any porous USA defense yet again for another weak goal, this time the clincher.

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America's top 3 sports went from being Horseracing, boxing and baseball, to football, basketball, baseball, hockey and ultimate Fighting. Football marketeers once battled the Church for Sunday presence. After the Super Bowl was solidified like a ratings monster in early 1980's, now pastors use Super Bowl Sunday regarding outreach event, or risk losing their attendees that week.

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Low scoring, few screen-cuts, and only 3 substitutions allowed per match (or half), and snotty British announcers who use words most Americans don't or wouldn't.

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