June 15 Mutual Declaration between two korea.

Following lofty hopes of whole Korean people for peaceful reunification, president of Republic of Korea Kim Dae-jung and the general the defense of Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jung-il, have a historical meeting and hold summit conference in Pyoung-yang.

This is the first time from separation and significantly recognizes the importance of this meeting so that the two summits declare to improve the relationship between south and north, and to realize peaceful reunification as follow.

1. South and North establish a compromise to independently have talks for reunification as hosts.

2. We South and North admit the similarity between South koreas suggestion for the union and North koreas low-level originated coalition and promote the reunification in this way.

3. We south and North exchange the visitors of separated families, relatives at September 15 of this year, and solve the problem about long-term not shifted spies and soldiers.

4. We south and north equivalently develop society, culture, sports, environment and sanitation so that we can make more firm reliance through exchanges and cooperation.

5. We south and North korea promise to practice those articles and actual affairs in a short following time.

President of Republic of Korea Kim Dae-jung kindly invites the general the defense of peoples democratic republic of korea Kim jung il to seoul in a proper time.


President of Republic of korea Kim dae jung and the general the defence of peoples democratic republic of korea Kim jung il.